What are the skills of sitting on a yoga ball?


Upper body lying on the yoga GYM ball

1. Straighten your hands to support the ground, with your legs close together; stretch your back, raise one leg to the highest possible position, then lower it, and switch to the other side. It has the function of thin legs and thin buttocks.
2. Place the upper body in the square of the ball, and support the ground with both hands; separate the legs, slowly raise one leg until it remains parallel to the ground, keep the posture for a few seconds, and repeat the side change. It can tighten buttocks and leg muscles.

Sitting on the yoga GYM ball

1. Bring your legs together, raise your hands upwards, face each other with ten fingers, take a deep breath, close your abdomen and raise your chest, and try your best to lift your whole body up. Thin waist and abdomen, tall and straight posture.
2. Separate your legs, do the splits, extend your arms, hold the fitness ball from your chest, lift up, take a deep breath, lean your body's center of gravity back as far as possible, and hold the position for a few seconds. It can well reduce excess fat on the waist, abdomen, legs, and arms.
3. Raise one leg and keep it parallel to the ground. At the same time, raise your arms and hold the posture for a few seconds. Lower your legs and arms slowly, repeat several times, and then switch legs. It can tighten the gluteus maximus very well, and can slim the arms.

Lie on your yoga GYM ball

Put your legs together, place your left leg on the yoga GYM ball, arch your right leg to keep it perpendicular to the ground, and lift your upper body up to be in a straight line with your left leg. Take a deep breath and hold the position for a few seconds. Can enhance the flexibility of the entire body.