What are the methods of practicing yoga balls?


1 Standing pose: Pay attention to keeping the thigh straight. Exercise the legs, eliminate excess fat in the legs, and make the body lines more beautiful.

2 Raise your hand to grasp the big bamboo pose: Mainly maintain a sense of balance, pay attention to the soles of the feet firmly grasp the ground. The effect is to stretch the legs and make the legs more slender.

3 Seat angle pose: Make a horse shape with your legs, press the ball with your hands, relax your legs as much as possible, make your back in a straight line, and toes up. It can tighten the inner thigh muscles, massage the uterus, and improve irregular menstruation.

4 Triangle on the Yogo ball: Separate your legs, sit on the top of the exercise ball, bend your body to the right, and place your right hand on your calf or instep. The effect is to eliminate excess fat on the waist and arms.