The Role Of Yoga Balls


1. Has a massage effect

The highest level of the yoga ball is the integration of human and ball. The action design of yoga ball exercises strives to achieve full contact between the human body and the spherical surface. The yoga ball is made of soft PVC material. When the human body comes into contact with it, the interior is inflated. The yoga ball will evenly stroke the contact parts of the human body to produce a massage effect, which is beneficial to promote blood circulation.

2. Suitable for all people to exercise

Including people in need of rehabilitation, it makes exercisers safer during exercise, avoids strong impact on joints, and avoids sports injuries. Some people with lower back injuries may not be able to do sit-ups because of lower back injuries, but when doing yoga ball exercises, you can use soft yoga balls to help athletes do exercises, which can provide a support The role of.

3. Correct your sitting posture

When a person sits on the ball, the body is not relaxed, and your back, hips, knees and other parts are still constantly making subtle adjustments to keep yourself balanced. These fine adjustments help the blood circulation of the intervertebral discs in the spine and strengthen the strength of the back. By adjusting your body's center of gravity and balance at any time, the movement of the spine is increased, the strength of the back is enhanced, and the correct sitting posture is maintained.

At the same time, using the elasticity of the yoga ball can also correct your sitting posture. Therefore, when sitting on a yoga ball, the athlete will involuntarily straighten the waist and stretch the shoulders back. This is the body's instinctive response to prevent falls, and it is also a correct sitting posture.

4. Have a strong interest

When athletes perform ordinary equipment exercises, such as treadmills and sit-ups, athletes can only burn calories by repeating several actions for a long time, which makes the exercise process of athletes very boring and tedious. Yoga ball aerobics has changed the patterned training methods in the past, allowing the athletes to play with the ball with the warm and unrestrained music. The athletes sometimes sit on the ball and sometimes lift the ball to do jumping exercises. These interesting actions make the whole process extremely entertaining.

5. It helps train the body's balance ability

In the past, fitness exercises were carried out on the ground or on equipment with strong stability, and athletes did not have to think about the balance of the body too much. The yoga ball is different. The athlete uses the yoga ball to get off the ground. For example, sitting on the ball is a kind of balance exercise. If you raise your leg, the difficulty of balance will increase a little. A slight movement of the raised leg will make it more difficult. When doing push-ups with legs on the ball and hands on the ground, the athlete must complete the movement of bending and extending the arms. First, maintain the balance of the body and prevent the ball from rolling. They have to rely on the strength of the legs, waist, and abdomen.